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Death is but a dream... [entries|friends|calendar]
Fear not for death is but a dream....

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Check out my music! [01 Jul 2009|07:39am]

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Help! [10 May 2009|08:58am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

For those of you that still check up on here please everyone support some underground music go to the link below and help my music move up on the charts! If you click the button to become a fan there is a fan exclusive download of the new song Tulpa. Join the street team to help promote and receive updates, more downloads will be posted soon and the new cd is due to be out mid 2009!


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what's been goin on... [10 Mar 2007|12:08pm]
[ mood | bored ]

Hey everyone...haven't updated in awhile...so yea I'm now 21 and still single unfortunatly. Haven't found a girl that doesn't bring insane drama with her yet...which sucks but I'm doing okay. I finished recording my first solo album which I am very proud of....it came out quite amazing if you ask me. Be sure to check it out www.myspace.com/firstincision....other then that not much has been goin on so yea buhbi

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New Years Resolution... [03 Jan 2005|11:13am]
[ mood | calm ]

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Eat at least 2 pigeons a week.

Get your resolution here

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drama people [17 Dec 2004|11:40pm]
[ mood | angry ]

You know what...I really hate when people want to go and start drama about shit that doesn't even involve them...where I want to know does my friend catherine get off telling my ex a bunch of shit to cause drama? I'd really love to know that....whatever I'm threw with people....

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[20 Sep 2004|04:09pm]
1) Your Name: Greg
2) Nicknames: Greggo, gregapher, Froggy, fawkin gawth kidd haha lol...don't ask...
3) Birth date: 3/3/86
4) Sign: pisces
5) State/Place of Birth: Manchester, CT
6) Siblings: two sisters
7) Living: Manchester, CT
8) Work: Hartford Road Cafe
9) Car: 94' Ford Taurus
10) Hobbies: writing, listening to musik, hanging out in cemetaries, vocals, cooking.

More Personal

11) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend or wife/husband: naw
12) Do you have someone you think of often?: I duno
13) How many serious relationships have you been involved in?: 3
14) Is there someone you have thought of a LOT lately: yes and sometimes i wish i couldn't
15) If you could be with one musician or movie star who would it be: hmm...definitly Shirley Manson from Garbage *drools*
16) What is your worst flaw: hmm probably the fact I can't get over certain people
17) When was the last time you cried (you can guesstimate, heh): I duno
18) If you could change ONLY ONE thing about yourself what would it be and why: I wish I was able to get over some people easier so I could actually be happy for once?
19) What song describes who you are or how you feel often about you or the events in your life:hmm...Time Bomb by Rancid, Do What You Have to Do by Sarah Mclachlan, uhh The Thing I Hate by Stabbing Westward...those come to mind first
20) What movie currently means the MOST to you: hmm I duno...

Family First

21.) Closer to Mom or Dad: dad
22.) Favorite family member: My nephew Zachary
23.) Relative you resemble the MOST: my sister Traci from what everyone says
24.) Relative that gets under your skin a little too easy: my mom
25.) Have any famous relatives?:not that I know of
26.) Relative you most look up to: my sister Traci
27.) Do you see your family members or relatives too often or not enough:eh I see my sisters and my mom too much
28.) What you love most about your Mom: bad topic
29.) What you love most about your dad: his taste in musik
30.) You look most like your Mom or dad: beats me

Friends, it's all about the friends!

31.) Which of your friends understands you the most: hmm..probably Ashley
32.) Which friend do you spend the most time with: Ashley and Erik
33.) Funniest: Adam
34.) LOUDEST: Mike
35.) Smartest: hmm...I'd have to say probably Adam
36.) Most unusual but in a good way: Pepper haha
37.) Prettiest: I duno
38.) Most artistic: Erik and Kate
39.) Most caring: Ashley
40.) Newest friend: Katrina

Top Three Favorites

41.) Bands or musicians: Marilyn Manson, Christian Death, Stabbing Westward
42.) Movies: Clockwork Orange, Party Monster, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
43.) TV shows (you HAVE to pick at least one if not three): Sealab 2021, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, ER
44.) Places you HAVE or would like to visit: have:uhh Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York Want to visit: New Orleans, Ireland, Wallachia
45.) Foods: Chicken Cordon Bleu, Shrimp, Chicken Parm
46.) Candy candy candy candy candy as Garfield would say: Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, Twix, Reeses Fastbreak
47.) Places to go: Cemetary, woods, Ashley's house
48.) Words you like to say on line: *ribbit*
49.) 3 things you love to collect or 3 favorite things you have: music, books, Athames (Wiccan ceremonial dagger things)
50.) Your 3 favorite famous people, musicians, actors, etc..: Rozz Williams, Christopher Hall, and Brian Warner

This OR That?

51.) Summer OR Winter: summer
52.) Friend OR Lover: both! either way watch your back
53.) Steal OR Lie: neither there's no reason for any of it.
54.) Kiss OR Cuddle: cuddle.
55.) Date your VERY best friend OR go on a blind date: best friend
56.) Hurt someone else OR be hurt: i'd rather be hurt
57.) Halloween OR Christmas: Halloween
58.) Myths OR Facts: myths...interesting to hear
59.) Cats OR Dogs: cats
60.) Sky OR Ocean: sky


61.) Someone who hurt you the MOST: Jess...not getting into how...meh
62.) Most embarrassing moment: Falling on my ass playing hackie sack the other day
63.) Happiest memory: I have two, going out with Nikki and kissing Jess for the first time (as everyone wipes their eyes awwwww)
64.) Saddest memory: Losing Nikki and Jess as friends
65.) Funniest memory: way too many
66.) Something you did and regret the MOST: not even going there
67.) Have you ever done something illegal, if so... what: a lot but I never get arrested bwahhaha (HAHHAHAHAHAA BIANCA) =)~
68.) Something you did and you felt the MOST accomplished: duno
69.) A time you helped someone out when they really needed it the most: not really sure
70.) If you could go back to any age and start again, what would it be: 13


71.) Someone you've talked with the MOST, recently. On line or not: Ashley
72.) Were the conversations good or not so good: eh both
73.) Someone you have not been in touch with a lot and you miss: Nikki, Jess, a few others
74.) Someone you hang out with the MOST in person: Ashley and Erik
75.) Last thing you bought: a Livewire Moutain Dew
76.) Last thing you ate: chicken nuggets
77.) The last person you talked with, on line or off: Rachel
78.) Current favorite song: Possession by Sarah McLachlan
79.) Last person you said "I love you" to: Jess....=\
80.) Last person you got angry at: this fucker Jordan who keeps hurting my friends cause he's a immature fuck who needs to grow up before he goes out with people


81.) Where would you like to be 10 years from now: not sure
82.) Movie you are most anticipating or one in the theater right now you want to see: duno
83.) Concert/musician/performance you are most anticipating: KMFDM
84.) Somewhere you badly want to visit, a landmark NOT a state (obviously the landmark is in the state but you get the idea, lol): Lafayette Cemetary in New Orleans
85.) Do you think you will still be in love or be in love with someone 5 years from now: who knows
86.) Goal you hope to accomplish:duno
87.) Event you plan to attend or would like to attend: KMFDM concert
89.) Adventurous thing you would like to do: explore a cave or suttin I duno
90.) If you could travel WAY into the future would you? and stay there? depends on the outcome of it
In Summary

91.) Do you feel this survey was boring: eh, it was a survey.
92.) Do you think the survey was good, too short, or too long: good i guess.
96.) What do you feel was the hardest question to answer:duno
97.) What was the easiest: my name
98.) If you could add one category... what would it be: i dunno.
99.) If you could take one category away what would it be: i already have...WHAT NOW BEOTCH!!!!!!!
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bleh [16 Sep 2003|08:30pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

I'm making this journal friends only...if anyone who isn't a lj user wants to read it just ask me and I'll prolly show you the entries...I don't want a lot of people really knowing what is going on in my life though but if your not on here just ask me and I will show ya....

Meh I'm depressed as hell right now anywayz and yea...bleh

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rawr [16 Sep 2003|03:28pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Today was pretty fun...we had math for like an hour today grr so we got bored and started throwing grapes at each other...and we ended up with like 40 grapes all over the room at the end of class lmao....so yea afterschool Garry, Dan, Chelsea, Manderz and me went and drove Garry's brother home and then went to Wendy's....I had a triple cheeseburger and fries mmm grease yummy lol...ick...but yea we finished eating and then they went to drive me home...had two cops behind us like the whole time and Garry was a lil paranoid since the Manchester cops are looking for his plates so that kinda sucked but then we got to my house and I came in....now I'm just chillin..I might go for a walk later but I'm not sure yet....

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Too little too late... [15 Sep 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | moody ]

Bleh I've been noticing things about people a lot lately...ever notice how you have a few friends that always say they are your friends and want to chill with you and stuff and talk to you but when it comes time to actually chill they are too busy with plans they already had or they don't want to try and find a ride or are too tired to come hang out or when you want to talk to them they aren't home or they can't talk right at the moment or they just aren't in the mood to....yet they always say that they want to more...and that we don't talk enough or we don't chill enough but they don't want to make the effort to do that...bleh...it sux..it happens to everyone...I just wish that one of the people I'm talking about I didn't consider so close. =\

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interesting day... [15 Sep 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

So today was very interesting....in school Jarrette was sick and he was flipping out all day lmao in math he was yelling random things and throwing shit all over the place and someone banged loud on the door behind him and he jumped up looked around and hid under his desk lmao....none of us have a clue what was wrong with him though lmao...

Afterschool Jeremy, Dan, me, and Garry all went and drove to Dan's house...drank a couple beers and got some food and then we piled into Garry's car to go do some shit lol...we went to Rockville first and tried to get some bogies but the guy wouldn't sell us any so we had a dozen eggs with us so we decided to egg some random people lol...first we went by a middle school and Jeremy tossed an egg out the window and it just missed these two girls by like a foot and they got all scared and went back to the school lol and then we saw this dude with pink hair with a good charlotte shirt on it looked like so we yelled some stuff and he flipped us off and we were about to go get out of the car and have a chat with him but there were too many rents around lol so we drove on and nailed these black kids with eggs lmao.. so yea we drove to Ellington and we were paranoid due to an egg and a pig lol but yea...so we went to East Hartford...we got some bogies at the quickie mart and then Dan almost got us shot because he kept making this one part of a Dr. Dre song keep sayin nigger over and over again and the kids in the ghetto were getting all pissed off lol...so we went back to Manchester and went looking for more people to egg...we found a bunch of kids on bikes and we drove up close to them and slowly and then yelled get outta the road and nailed them with eggs lmao...it was so funny...we were going around the corner and then saw these kids and yelled shit at them and they got all pissed lol...we went to this kid Jon Greeny's house and he was getting ready to go to work but we asked if he wanted to race lol so he gets in his 2000 Sunfire and we got into Garry's crappy Dodge and we went down to Center Street in Manchester....we were about to get to a light to race him when he starts before we're even ready (we weren't even even when we started lmao the kid doesn't know how to street race) so we went to try and catch up to him but another car in front of us slammed on the brakes so we had to swerve and miss them...so yea we went to Vernon and handed in some applications for Garry and then his dad called saying that a police officer had called saying he was getting a ticket for reckless driving from 9/11 (Garry and a few others were driving on people's front lawns/sidewalks lmao) so he was told he had to bring us home and get home....so we went towards Dan's house and got to this one straightaway with a small hill at the end so we got Garry to go like 65 and we hit the tiny hill/bump and got air lol we were in the air for like 3 seconds and then his car slammed into the ground and we had to swerve to miss hitting some lady and her dog lmao it was great though but it must not of been too good for Garry's car lmao...so we dropped Dan off and then drove back to Manchester and they dropped me off....I went online and then ate dinner and that's about it....overall a very interesting day lol....

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some people must be retarded..... [14 Sep 2003|08:44pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

So let's see...my sister stopped by tonight with my camera to give me it back to tell me that the film wasn't working and it was stuck in the camera....so yea...we spent about two hours taking it about and prying the film out and putting it back together and guess what we found out....the new film her boyfriend's sister had given her to use for the weekend was already exposed....so we called her up and found out that she had never used Kodak Advantix film before and when they sent her her pictures and negatives back she thought the canister of negatives was a new roll of film...errr *twitch twitch* so yea...now due to the fact I had to pop the lock on the film compartment the lock is fucked up and shit so I'm getting a roll of film this week and if my camera doesn't work someone is getting a bill for $10.00 roll of film and a $200.00 camera....grrr

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bleh [14 Sep 2003|12:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

So yea yesterday I got up around noon and heard that a lot of shit had happened that morning but I'm not going to get into that because it's not my place to go tell people...so I went shopping with madukes and got two pairs of UFOs for 80 bux and a new NIN shirt for 20 and then went to Wendy's and had lunch....went home and chilled for a bit didn't really do that much and then I went with my uncle to bring my grandmother home in Torrington...dropped her off at like 9 and we were in Torrington for about half an hour...got some food...went back to Manchester....I watched The Cell with my uncle and then he went and picked my dad up from work....went online for a bit...that's about it...not really doing much today cept my sister and nephew are coming back over later...that's about it.

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=) [12 Sep 2003|03:57pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Today went good....in school we had to watch this hour long presentation on Respect lmao we're all guessing it's because of Tony crying to the principle every single day...lol...but yea after that nothing much else really happened for the rest of the schoolday..had early release and got out at 1:45 but had no ride home so I talked to Cassey for like 6 or 7 minutes and then I ended up standing with Jarrette, Chris, and some other kids for the next 15 minutes....went to the bus and listened to Rancid on the way home....got home...I had to watch Zach (my nephew) for a lil bit....then I got a phone call that made me really happy =) a lady named Kathy called for me to let me know that Jess wasn't ignoring me but she couldn't write or call me because she's on protocal but she will when she gets off it...I'm so happy to find out that Jess wasn't just purposely not writing back...it sucks that she's on protocal though she was only supposed to be on it for two weeks but it's been a month...=\...but yea...Bianca stopped by and picked up her jeans that she left at my house after ozzfest lol and Spirit *her bowl* so now Dubz (my bowl) is all alone lol...o well won't be using it for a long time anyways cause I want to be able to see Jess in November =) so yea now I'm just talking to Mel and Cassey online and I have to go to work in about two hours...bleh o well that's about it for now...

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ksldfjsafjs [11 Sep 2003|06:35pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

So yea today was pretty boring in school nothing really much that was interesting happened....afterschool I fell asleep on the bus ride home listening to Sublime and then woke up when the cd ended and half asleep listened to the Dead Kennedys the rest of the way home...once I got home I went online for a bit but no one was really on and then Chantel called me....I walked down and met her halfway between our houses and we walked back to my house....wow she definitly is looking really good since the last time I saw her (beginning of the summer) lol....wow..yea so uh newayz...we watched Children of the Corn and then I walked her back halfway to her house and then walked back home....got in...ate dinner (ham, peas,bread, and rice..) and now I'm just sitting here...fun stuff....my sister is over with my nephew and they are spending the night and my uncle is spending the night too so it's going to be crowded here tonight.... (mom,dad,me,sister,nephew,sister's b/f, and uncle) jeez...so yea that's about it...

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bleh [10 Sep 2003|05:26pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well let's see yesterday I forgot to update so I'll start there...

Afterschool I went with Garry, Jeremy, Jarrette, Dan, and Garry's brother Jeff and we all crammed into Garry's car and went to East Hartford and dropped off Jeff at his house and then we went back to Manchester....went to Taco Bell where I had a Grilled Stuffed Burito combo which was awesome mmmm...after we were done eating we were out in the parking lot when we saw this nice ass Dodge Viper so we decided to follow the owner of it lol...we were driving behind him for like 5 minutes when he realized we were following him so he sped up and shit lol and tried to lose us but he couldn't so he went onto the highway and we didn't follow because there was no way we would of kept up....so after we were done chasing the Viper Garry dropped me off at my house...I watched a couple DVD's with my uncle because he's over for a few days so after we were done watching those we took a walk to Cumberland Farms...I bought a Arizona Green Tea mmmm and then we walked home through the cemetary and looked at some of the tombstones...got home and had dinner (chicken wings, corn, and potatos) and then I went upstairs and went online....

So today in school it was boring as hell....it was a half day so I had all my classes shortened and they went by so slow...not much really happened in school...had my picture taken for the yearbook that was about it....so yea...afterschool I was supposed to meet Mallory at MHS so I got off at the bus stop near MHS afterschool and went and sat on the steps near the school since it was only 12:40 and they got out of school at 2:10...finally school was out for them so I walked over to the school and went to wait for Mallory (Adam Rickert was with me cause I saw him skating) and then Kathy comes up to me to tell me that Mallory couldn't come because her mom picked her up and she's grounded (she neglected to tell me the night before she was grounded) so I was pissed as hell and am still a little annoyed by the fact I waited at MHS for two hours for nothin....bleh...so yea Adam, Kathy, and me walked home through the cemetary and I got home...came in and went online and had an interesting convo with my friend about how she was trying to tell me that once you go black you never go back lmao...and then I had to vacuum the pc room and now I'm just sitting around doin nothing and talking to Cassey online about who's sexier between her and her sisters lmao...fun stuff....

So that's about it for today...peace

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sfradsrfjwljf [08 Sep 2003|08:11pm]
[ mood | tired ]

So yea school was boring like usual lol...so after school I went over to Kevin's but he wasn't home so I walked down the street and met up with him and some other people...we walked back to his house and then Mike showed up...the three of us walked to Harvest and I got a new windchime for my room (it's a red pentagram with bells hanging off it) and then I got some opium and sandlewood incense...we walked up the street to Kevin's doctor's office because his mom and Joey his brother were there so we went there and got a ride back to Kevin's....so I got home after I left the two of them at Kevin's house and I went online but then got a call from my dad saying I had to come into work for a lil bit...I went in for an hour and a half and breaded some chicken strips and then my dad cooked me a cheeseburger and I went down the street to the quickie mart and got a Arizona Green Tea w/ plum =) and then my mom took me to McDonalds to get some fries nummy lol...and then we went home...my uncle called saying he's spending the night and then Bianca called and we talked for a few minutes and now I'm talking to Cassey on the phone...so yea that's about it...

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bleh... [07 Sep 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | okay ]

Yesterday I went over Kevin's during the day...him and Mike were there and we went for a walk to Cumberland Farms and got some stuff and then came back to his house...we listened to music for a bit and then went to the Hartford Road Cafe for dinner/jazz night...the jazz night was good...the band was really good...after that we got dropped off at my house and Mike spent the night...we listened to music for a bit and I downloaded Staind's new cd which is pretty good from the few songs I've had a chance to listen to so far...after I burned it we played Super Mario World 3 and then watched some weird movie on FOX at 3:30am and went to bed...woke up around 11 today and went online...we talked to people for a little bit and then we got bored so we decided to go for a walk...we went to Cumberland Farms and I got a Arizona Green Tea and a danish and then after Mike made an idiot out of himself spilling shit in Cumberland's we walked towards Spruce St. We stopped at Adam's house and Mike got his house back and then we were walking and we saw Rob...talked to him for a little bit and then went to Mobil and I got another green tea...so after that Mike and me walked to the cemetary and we chilled there for a few minutes and then went back to my house..I played Mario some more and then Mike's mom showed up and he went home...now I've just been chilling online talking to Crystal and Melly...that's about all....

Bleh I'm kinda depressed right now though...I was hoping the Crazy J would be able to get her day passes this weekend but apparently she didn't and she hasn't written to me in over a week now so I don't know what to think...everything seemed good before but now I don't know if she just got her priveledges taken away or if she just doesn't want to talk to me for some reason...it really sucks not knowing....I'm going to write her a new letter and hopefully she'll write back and let me know what's going on...I know that she can't always write to me every week but it just sucks not hearing from her....

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Total requested dead it's version pointless downloadable suicide [06 Sep 2003|12:06am]
[ mood | lazy ]

So yea after school today I talked to people online for a bit and then Cassey called me and that was nice..I love talking to her on the phone she's always so happy sounding and makes me happier lol...but yea I got off the phone with her after like 15 minutes and took an hour and a half nap till I had to get up for work...so yea went to work around 6 and it was a busy night...I had to wrap in bacon 5 lbs. of scallops which took like an hour and then I had to wrap in saran wrap a shitload of chicken breasts like 10 lbs. of them lol...that took a shitload of time and then I had to prep some chicken kiev for a special this weekend...then I went downstairs and washed dishes for a couple hours and then had to break up and bring to the dumpster like 20 big boxes from upstairs and like 30 in the basement...came upstairs and cooked orders for an hour while my dad took a break and then it was time to clean up which took awhile...blah it was tiring...but since it was so busy the waitress had to tip me out so I got 10% of her tips for the night bwahhahaha....so yea..lol...we stopped at Food Bag on the way home and I bought a 2 liter of Mountain Dew Livewire and a Green Tea Sobe and came home...Omar called me looking for Nate because Nate told him that he would pick him up and they would go to the Muni tonight but Nate blew him off...heh couldn't of seen that coming...*note the sarcasm* lol...but yea...I felt bad for Omar so I talked to him for like 10 minutes on the phone and then I came online...and now I'm just chillin...

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what i've felt what i've known never shined through in what i've shown.... [05 Sep 2003|03:20pm]
[ mood | worried ]

So yea school went well today...it was boring but we didn't do anything really so it was not bad...I wrote a new song in english =)...so yea I just got home and I have to go to work in 3 hours fun stuff...I'm kinda sad right now though because I haven't received a letter from Crazy J in over a week now...I hope she's okay...she had gotten in some trouble before and had her priveledge's suspended for two weeks but those two weeks are up now so I'm hoping to hear from her soon...

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no I wasn't stoned.... [04 Sep 2003|09:20pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

xeyesofatrag3dyx: *walks up to u with an evil grin and then pulls the front of ur pants forward a lil and dumps orange jello down ur pants and runs and hides* O:-)
CaseyzTheBestest: ..........Wtffff
xeyesofatrag3dyx: :-P
CaseyzTheBestest: Wow lol
xeyesofatrag3dyx: sorry
xeyesofatrag3dyx: just had a sudden urge to do that
CaseyzTheBestest: :-P
CaseyzTheBestest: Put orange jello in my pants?!
xeyesofatrag3dyx: yes
xeyesofatrag3dyx: that's exactly what the urge was
xeyesofatrag3dyx: and you want to know why
CaseyzTheBestest: why lol
xeyesofatrag3dyx: because pink octopus's can fly in the fall
CaseyzTheBestest: Wow hahahah maybe you should calm down
CaseyzTheBestest: I think you need to smoke
xeyesofatrag3dyx: I am calm..very calm...but you have squishy orange jello pants now
CaseyzTheBestest: No, I changed
xeyesofatrag3dyx: >:o
CaseyzTheBestest: LOL
xeyesofatrag3dyx: The penguins made me wet my pants :-[
CaseyzTheBestest: Wtf
xeyesofatrag3dyx: want to see a magic trick?
CaseyzTheBestest: LOL
xeyesofatrag3dyx: what color is your shirt?
CaseyzTheBestest: Sure
CaseyzTheBestest: ..... Grey?
xeyesofatrag3dyx: magically i can see that your shirt is grey!
xeyesofatrag3dyx: no one even had to tell me.
CaseyzTheBestest: lolol
CaseyzTheBestest: douche bag
xeyesofatrag3dyx: LIES ALL LIES
xeyesofatrag3dyx: brb lil boys room :-D
CaseyzTheBestest: hahahah have fun

Auto response from xeyesofatrag3dyx: In a speech responding to critics of the invasion, Hitler said, "Certain foreign newspapers have said that we fell on Austria with brutal methods. I can only say; even in death they cannot stop lying. I have in the course of my political struggle won much love from my people, but when I crossed the former frontier [into Austria] there met me such a stream of love as I have never experienced. Not as tyrants have we come, but as liberators"

George W. Bush = Fascism

xeyesofatrag3dyx: I'm back
xeyesofatrag3dyx: did you miss me?
CaseyzTheBestest: Yeah
CaseyzTheBestest: My mom's yelling at the politicians on TV
CaseyzTheBestest: it's fucking hilarious
xeyesofatrag3dyx: tell her to send an angry llama to spit on them.
CaseyzTheBestest: lOL
xeyesofatrag3dyx: DO IT!
xeyesofatrag3dyx: I have rascist sporks =)
xeyesofatrag3dyx: two white ones and then a black one
xeyesofatrag3dyx: they have little faces drawn on them.
xeyesofatrag3dyx: and they sit on my pc table
CaseyzTheBestest: wowlol
xeyesofatrag3dyx: there names are Bob, Phil, and Toby
xeyesofatrag3dyx: the black one is Toby
CaseyzTheBestest: lol
xeyesofatrag3dyx: don't laugh at me!
xeyesofatrag3dyx: i hope a pack of rabid ferrets attack you for laughing at me
xeyesofatrag3dyx: bitch
CaseyzTheBestest: I hate farrets
xeyesofatrag3dyx: good...they hate you too
xeyesofatrag3dyx: hoe
CaseyzTheBestest: :-\
xeyesofatrag3dyx: *hugz yew* i'm just kidding around...*while hugging you pours blue jello down the back of your pants and snickers* farewell....O:-)
CaseyzTheBestest: ASSHOLE
xeyesofatrag3dyx: yes, yes i believe I do have one
xeyesofatrag3dyx: :-P

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